Mount Terastation on Debian Linux

On my network I have a Buffalo Terastation as network-share for backups. Today I figured out how to mount it on another Linux-box (Debian Etch) so I could do file operations directly on my backup. The following worked out for me:

  • Created dir /mnt/terastation2
  • Added the following line to /etc/fstab
    //TERASTATION2/SHARE /mnt/terastation2 smbfs username=marco,password=,uid=marco,gid=businex,dmask=707,fmask606
  • And executed
    mount -a
    as root.

If you like to mount it only once in an while, you can also do it via the command:

  • smbmount //TERASTATION2/share /mnt/terastation2 -o lfs
    You need to have smbmount installed.

Both should have the effect that you can access the Terastation on /mnt/terastation2. No more Windows clients involved for copying files around.