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What is the homepage of your webbrowser?

Sometimes when I have 5 minutes for myself without thinking about ongoing projects, todos or technologies, obvious things come to my mind. It happened as I took a look at my opened webbrowser (Firefox) and wondered why my homepage actually is Firefox has Google search built in anyway. So I changed it to:

A cool list of webdevelopment ressources, blogs etc. I came accross this way:

[15.02.2008] I now switched to

[11.03.2008] Switched to

[23.03.2008] Switched to

[04.04.2008] Switched to

Inspiration sources for layouts

I came accross a nice blog with lots of cool links to layout related things. Start at

and also visit links like ’50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs’ etc. in the category section.


To research for layouts, there is also a very good book series: The ‘Web Design Index’ comes out once a year. It is essentially website-designs ordered by color. Very interesting to see the evolution over the years.

Major desasters… celebrate them!

Today I had some more major hardware failures…

Peter Shaw
After it was clear that I would be fixing things all day long, I took a deep breath and fired up Peter Dunston’s Website to relax and listen to good music while I was cleaning up the mess.

What happened:

  • The switch connecting my dev-servers with my workstations made nothing more but a funny senseless light show. OK, went to Conrad, replaced it and restarted the network. Easy.
  • Next, one harddrive in my backup RAID array (Terastation, the old one with the silver case you see on the picture) crashed. This was the first time I actually heard a harddrive crashing. It took about one minute. Nice – if you know it is a) RAID5 and b) you have another backup anyway. After unwinding ~50 screws to replace the defective harddrive I accidentally ripped off the cable connecting the front panel and the mainboard. Oops. Who needs flashing lights? I placed a stickynote saying the thing is running (see picture). 6 hours later the RAID was ready again.
  • The hardest part was the sudden death of my most important dev-server ‘africa’, where I had most of my current projects on. First it did not get an IP address via DHCP. As I was checking things – bang – the screen froze with lots of funny characters flying around – the matrix! After that it didn’t even show a bios screen again.

Terastation Tilt!

Thanks Pete for the background sounds!

Burned PC again…

Happy new year!

Some of you may remember this image and the story around it:

Server tilt!

It happened again after a night of building an index (Solr/Lucene). This time the destruction of the filesystem looked like this:

Tilt again!

I have learnt my lesson and from now on I keep a harddisk-image of the installed system with all its components under my pillow.

[2008-01-25] Sidenote: I bought myself a proper server with RAID5 and it did the required job without any failures after 5 days. Note: Get yourself proper equipment right from the start and save lots of time, nerves and in the end money – even though the big machine was not cheap at all and it makes noise like an aeroplane.