Major desasters… celebrate them!

Today I had some more major hardware failures…

Peter Shaw
After it was clear that I would be fixing things all day long, I took a deep breath and fired up Peter Dunston’s Website to relax and listen to good music while I was cleaning up the mess.

What happened:

  • The switch connecting my dev-servers with my workstations made nothing more but a funny senseless light show. OK, went to Conrad, replaced it and restarted the network. Easy.
  • Next, one harddrive in my backup RAID array (Terastation, the old one with the silver case you see on the picture) crashed. This was the first time I actually heard a harddrive crashing. It took about one minute. Nice – if you know it is a) RAID5 and b) you have another backup anyway. After unwinding ~50 screws to replace the defective harddrive I accidentally ripped off the cable connecting the front panel and the mainboard. Oops. Who needs flashing lights? I placed a stickynote saying the thing is running (see picture). 6 hours later the RAID was ready again.
  • The hardest part was the sudden death of my most important dev-server ‘africa’, where I had most of my current projects on. First it did not get an IP address via DHCP. As I was checking things – bang – the screen froze with lots of funny characters flying around – the matrix! After that it didn’t even show a bios screen again.

Terastation Tilt!

Thanks Pete for the background sounds!