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Import Data into InnoDB Tables disregarding Foreign Key Constraints

I am currently migrating MySQL databases. One DB uses InnoDB tables with many foreign-key constraints. In this case you can not just dump your CREATE-TABLEs and INSERTs into an empty database. This would lead to many relation violations and incomplete imports, since records are not imported in ‘the right order’ by the dump.

To prevent errors you can temporarily switch off this feature. Like this:


<do your import without errors>


Peekaboo-Bug simple Workaround

It is a funny situation when you have customers that see an app that you made for them differently than you see it. Usually I use Multiple IEs to make sure my layout gets displayed as intended also in the MS browsers. To my surprise Multiple IEs did not display the ‘peekaboo bug’ in its IE6 emulation.

‘Peekaboo’ in short: When using floats IE6 hides text when the page is loaded. You can only see it when you mark it with you mouse or resize the window in the correct way…

You can find lots of good much more detailed explanations:

Best workaround I found:

Add a line-height like this style=”line-height: 1em;” to the enclosing <div/> containing the problem.

Andrés Taylor: “Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me”

I love reading things like this: Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me


  • “Object orientation is much harder than you think”
  • “The difficult part of software development is communication”
  • “Learn to say no”
  • “If everything is equally important, then nothing is important”
  • “Don’t over-think a problem”
  • “Dive really deep into something, but don’t get hung up”
  • “Learn about the other parts of the software development machine”
  • “Your colleagues are your best teachers”
  • “It all comes down to working software”
  • “Some people are assholes (…) Don’t take this too hard”