Just a Few Good Men!

Another cool article: The Future of Software Development


  • “Digg, del.icio.us, YouTube and other poster children of the new web era were developed by just a handful of programmers.”
  • “(…) dynamic systems are not engineered, they evolve.”
  • “Like living organisms, these systems are continuously reshaped to fit the dynamic landscape of changing requirements.”
  • “Code is constantly changed to make sure we end up with the simplest, and best possible system that reflects our current needs.”
  • “(…) it only takes a few good men (and/or women!). With a bit of discipline and a ton of passion, high quality engineers are able to put together systems of great complexity on their own.”
  • “Equipped with a modern programming language, great libraries, and agile methods, a couple of smart guys in the garage can get things done much better and faster than an army of mediocre developers.”