Debug your SOAP Web Service

In search of a tool to debug client-server communication of a client’s SOAP webservice, I found SOAPUI:

Click the button “Click here to webstart now” on the page to open the application through Java Web Start from your browser.

How to test your webservice:

  • File / New WSDL Project…
  • Enter URL of your WSDL, for example
  • SOAPUI retrieves the WSDL and shows available methods, for example doGoogleSearch().
  • Select the child ‘Request1′ of the method you would like to test. You will see the XML of the SOAP-request with ‘?’ where you can put values of available parameters.
  • As long as there is no endpoint set, you can not click the green ‘submit request’ arrow button. If you see no endpoint when testing your WS, set the URL of your server-script at the top of the request window.
  • On every submit you see the result from the server on the right side.

If you take a deeper look at SOAPUI you will find many more useful features around debugging of your web services.

Happy debugging!

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