Software Development Myths

There is no doubt: The environment in which software is designed, produced and maintained has fundamental impact on what comes out below the bottom line for all players playing in this game. I have learnt that there is little in software development, you can do intuitively right the first time – even if you have a background from another production discipline. Surprisingly even people working in a software development environment sometimes just don’t have the required understanding nor are they open to it.

To make these points of un-openness transparent, a great way is to talk about common myths around software development. Other people have done this before, so all I deliver here is a list of links that I can recommend for reading and discussion among your team:

Now check yourself: How much cynicism did you feel reading things like ‘More developers mean faster development’ or ‘Every design decision is documented before it is implemented’ or ‘You dont need developers when designing software’ or ‘The answer to every challenge we face in the software industry lies in doing more work in shorter times’ etc?

If you did not feel any cynicism at all or very little, well… it is time to leave the cave.