LSIS Channels is out!

I’m proud to announce the release of some new features in our LSIS Life Science Search Engine – ‘Save Queries‘, ‘Browse Channels‘ and ‘ORed terms‘.

Saving queries to channels works like this:

  1. Perform a search on our frontend. Then the button ‘Save Query‘ appears:
  2. Propose a title for your query and chose whether the resulting channel should be public or only private to you. If you select public the admin categorizes your query into the topic tree and approves it. As a result (a) a daily RSS feed is generated which can be used from your feed reader and (b) people subscribing to the email alert will be sent teasers by email if there are new hits added to our search index, fitting the query. The purpose is to make important news come to you without having to check what happened every day in your fields of interest.Public channels can be browsed on the channel page:

Another new feature is that you can OR search terms by entering them comma-separated as one search ‘term’. This makes searching and saving queries more accurate.

Feedback very welcome!

And if you find LSIS useful, please tell your friends.