Quick PHP Hack to Tidy up Trashed HTML

I just hacked together the following quick and dirty PHP-script to use the tidy-extension from the command line. Maybe somebody else needs something like this somewhere. Check the comment for details:


// (a) Save this as tidy.php
// (b) Call it from commandline like this: $ php tidy.php trashed.html > tidy.html
//     to tidy the file trashed.html to a new file tidy.html.

// Installation and configuration see http://php.net/tidy
$config = array('indent'=> true, 'output-xhtml' => true, 'wrap'=> 200);

$tidy = new tidy;
$tidy->parseString(file_get_contents($_SERVER['argv'][1]), $config, 'utf8');

echo $tidy;