MODx Revolution Links

I have recently been playing with the new MODx (‘Revolution’) and I must say, I love the concept and it’s flexibility. Just to make things easier for folks starting out with MODx or who migrate from MODx Evolution here are some recommended links.


Focus topics:

  • Tag format changes from Evolution to Revolution: The formats for content tags have changed. They now can be nested, they can carry parameters and look a lot cleaner.
  • Use the Package Manager to install your snippets: There are still some packages to migrate (e.g. AjaxSearch). And if you install Login and wonder why you can not logout, just check the naming of the parameters. I am sure these issues will soon be solved.
  • Internationalization: The new Lexicon facility makes the creation of multilingual pages easier, especially central shared Pages or Chunks used in all available languages like the login, password reminder, 404 etc. You can even use Placeholders in lexicon entries and fill them dynamically with Parameters. On bigger sites I would prefer to have a home page for each language and maintain each language in separate menu trees. This is explained in this forum entry. Notice, the tutorial is based on Evolution, but works the same way in Revolution. You only need to use the new tag syntax.
  • New access to MODx objects: Most of the methods from Evolution to interact with $modx will be deprecated soon in Revolution. If you are writing Snippets or Plugins you need to get familiar with $modx->getObject() and Co.
  • New permission system: Instead of the distinction of Web Users and Manager Users in Evolution, Revolution switched to ACL (Acesss Control Lists) and Context based permissions.
  • Make Resources external to make use of version control: Required resources can also be loaded from files instead of saving everything to the MODx database.
  • Friendly URLs: How to use the enclosed .htaccess and what MODx settings to use.

What I dont like with MODx Revolution is the slow Manager interface based on ExtJS. If you have to go through a longer configuration or exploration session, waiting for the frontend to finish loading can be a drag. But the ajaxy Manager helps you to perform some actions in parallel without you losing your form content, e.g. if you need a href and need to lookup the document-ID you just click on the Resource tab and look it up in the tree.

Overall I must say MODx Revolution makes the expression to me like a very well crafted, cutting-edge and thought through CMS. Congratulations and many thanks to all contributors! You are awesome!