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Fraudulent emails trying to get IPhone without paying

It seems, that being upset is a good motivator wrinting blogposts… Sorry for being lazy for such a long time.

Currently I am selling lots of ‘old stuff’ that has not being used for 2 years, among other things also my iPhone 3GS advertising it to local boards such as In short it goes like this:

  • Viallain askes if the IPhone is still available. I answer ‘yes, come bring cash and pick it up’.
  • Villain: Can you send it, I pay for the shipping. Me: OK that’s x bucks extra. Fine.
  • Villain: Please send me your interantional bank-account number, which I did, because it is as safe as giving out your local bank account number and any debit actions can be objected to for 6 weeks at your bank.
  • And now it gets weird: I receive a fake bank email (see below) saying, the money is in transit. By the way it had a BIC from another account – copy&paste error. Villain is also lazy and probably a bit disorganized and stupid too. I can get the money as soon as I send the package to an address in Italy (see map and Streetviev of the house below – probably the villain’s house, not sure but likely) and provide tracing number of the package. At this point it would be fun to return a fake one or a ticking package or some of the other 100 jokes jumping to my mind at this moment ;), but I have currently no time to do that.
  • If you disagree with this procedure, villain gets angry. Maybe this works in some % of the cases.
  • End of communication.

Here are some screens of emails. Have fun:

First contact email

Not from the bank

Note from the bank 2

Big view

This is the address in Streetview.

Email addreses I got spammed so far:

  • surely more to come…

Update: There is a webinterface, see or forward phishing-email to

Attachment: mail-content-for-search-engines

Next steps: Informed local commissario di San Martino, Yahoo abuse dept. and Nordea Bank – have fun getting busted, loser!

Update: Received a cheque for my pinball table (Dirty Harry, abvertised for 1500EURs). Rest was meant to send container with ‘some other things’ to Urkraine, I should pay for the shipping with the cheque. This is it. Find the faults:

Cheque sent via mail

Awesomely entertaining shit!

What is the homepage of your webbrowser?

Sometimes when I have 5 minutes for myself without thinking about ongoing projects, todos or technologies, obvious things come to my mind. It happened as I took a look at my opened webbrowser (Firefox) and wondered why my homepage actually is Firefox has Google search built in anyway. So I changed it to:

A cool list of webdevelopment ressources, blogs etc. I came accross this way:

[15.02.2008] I now switched to

[11.03.2008] Switched to

[23.03.2008] Switched to

[04.04.2008] Switched to

Retail is online

Sorry for not posting for a while… Among many other things I have been busy setting up my (first) retail venture. Take a look at:

What you can find there is the tip of a neat iceberg – me acting as an amateur model wearing clothes of the first lable I took on stock as an online merchant (Pyromaniac Clothing).

Tasks completed here:

  • Interface with Amazon marketplace via AMTU -XML and established a merchant’s contract with Amazon.
  • Logistics-Interface with DHL. Prints barcoded labels and ‘calls’ the parcel collection service on orders.
  • Formulation of suitable and bulletproof business terms, return conditions etc.
  • Decide on a range of products and fill up the warehouse initially (i.e. buy the stuff).
  • Orders coming in via Amazon can be tracked and handled during the whole order process through a central admin-area including automatic generation of packaging lists and invoices. This is also supported by Amazon’s own frontend (Seller-Central) for special cases.
  • Product-related data (technical stuff, inventory, images and further rich content) can be edited in this admin-area as well.
  • Actual generation of the product-related data, images and texts.
  • The whole system is communicating with the Amazon marketplace on a 24/7 basis.
  • Set up a warehouse that can handle I/O of items once the system starts rolling. This comprised re-packaging of the merchandise and labelling with own barcoded thermo-labels to facilitate inventory taking with a scanner and setting up a packaging area. All this is web-technology based.

Retrospectively all this is a great amount of commitment. Cross your fingers for me. The actual sale is starting these days.