Developer Profile


  • Name: Marco Tidona
  • Birth: 1976
  • Location: Heidelberg / Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Spoken languages: German, English


  • International business studies (Diplom-Betriebswirt FH) / FH-Ludwigshafen Germany, Hull Business-School GB.
  • Coding and development skills learnt by doing and on various projects since 1999.
  • Projects… (some are not disclosed in the project list and/or can not be shown by a short abstract or a screenshot)
  • Founded a company dmr solutions gmbh with 2 colleagues in 2009 and sold shares in July 2012. Did various IT projects – Internet, Mobile, Intranet.
  • Founded another company Manticore IT GmbH with friends and family in 2012 as vehicle to serve existing and new IT customers.

Core Skills

  • Experience in various web-technology based projects from 1999 on
  • Pragmatic solutions
  • Web-applictaion architecture incl. server-infrastructure, development- and deploy-strategies, evaluation of existing Web infrastructre
  • Concepts and realization of individual web-technology based applications
  • Team-lead, -staffing, -coordination and -extension (team size 2-6 people)
  • Project-setup, development-setup, architecture
  • PHP5, Symfony2, Zend-Framework, Processwire etc. (changing weekly)
  • MySql, NoSql
  • CSS/XHTML, jQuery
  • Google AppsScript

Side Skills

  • Linux (Debian) administration, networking, system-architecture, commandline savvy enough to setup and configure dev-systems and VMs.
  • Knowledge and experience in agile development practices and culture.
  • Motivating influence on existing team members.
  • AJAX, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, creation of web-templates, SQL, HTTP Protocol, basic Bash Shell Scripting, SSH, (S)FTP, procedural and OO development with PHP5, MySql, SOLR, Sphinx and others.
  • Grown and reliable Network of experts, communication skills, degree in Business Administration (Dipl. Betriebswirt FH).

Rates are market average, depending on

  • project size and complexity,
  • demanded skillset,
  • current capacity,
  • work location etc.


Side project

Thank you and have a great day!